Do cruise lines have good liquor?

Can you get decent scotch or bourbon from the free open bar or is it swill?


Some do. It depends if you like like quality wine, most have very good wine


NO! Some has been hid away in barrels for over 20 years before they can find a fool to buy it. That bad it is. None like those first drippings of a 1st run batch of tropical Rhum. Caught still warm in a glass & some ice added to it for freshness.


Quick, which cruise line has a free open bar?


It tends to be urged as a mix designed to quickly overcome any reservations about quality. How hard is it for reader go walk aboard with ample liquor of your choice ? Cruise lines cater to crowds. Clearly the reader is a party of one.


Been on 5 cruises, liquor is perfect.

Simpson G.

Free open bar? The big cruise lines don’t offer this. They do offer packages for drinks, and the specifics should be part of the fine print. Most places that have open bars offer well drinks and a few mid-shelf call brands like Absolut, Bacardi, Cuervo, Jack, Tanq, etc. I can’t promise you that’s what’s actually in the bottle, though.


Yes they have good liquor


I don't know about the free open bar. It's probably get decent stuff but for the good stuff they'll male you pay. Unless you get a pass at the start of the cruise.

Bubba Gubbins

You can get top shelf whiskys, but there is no such thing as premium bourbon- it's all swill.