Does diluting alchohol make it weaker?

I know there s a bunch on questions like this on here with mixed answers so I thought I would ask my own. It seems the vast majority say that it doesn t make the alchohol weaker because 1 shot of vodka straight opposed to 1 shot of vodka mixed with something is still 1 shot, there for having the same effect. So by this logic, as an absurd example, let s say I mixed 1 shot of vodka with a gallon of water and then drink it all (I know that is in realistic, it s just for the example), would I still be just as drunk as if I just had the shot of vodka straight or no because the dilution has made it less potent? (The example doesn t have to be water, same applies for coke ect)


The amount of alcohol is what makes you drunk, not the amount of other fluids you mix it with.


One shot of Vodka on it's own and one shot of Vodka diluted in a gallon of water is still "the same amount of alcohol" if you drink the whole gallon .. but it is 'better' for your body to dilute it.


If you drink "1 shot of vodka" then you will be "1 shot of vodka"'s worth drunk (as drunk as 1 shot of vodka makes you). It makes NO difference how much water or coke or whatever you drink too. That, of course, assumes that the vodka stays down. If you tried to follow it with a gallon of water then you would vomit before the vodka had a chance to take effect.


alchohol ? Sounds like you drank too much if misspelling the word more than once, James.


no.... if you drink an ounce of alcohol, you'd drank an ounce.. if you drink an ounce of alcohol with a cup of soda, you've still had that ounce of alcohol in your body...


If you have a shot, you generally gulp it in one swallow. If it's mixed, you will drink it slower. Takes longer to consume, so it may not hit you quite as hard. But it's still the same amount of alcohol.


Your body might hold 130 - 160 ounces of blood. At any reasonable dilution (e.g., one ounce alcohol to one ounce water) the additional ounce of water won't change your net BAL (blood alcohol level) significantly, as compared to straight alcohol. At ridiculous dilutions, your body will absorb the water with the alcohol, at a slower rate because of the volume. Your liver will have a greater chance to process the alcohol and you'll pee out the extra water, so you'll never have the higher BAL.


not exactly


that is the definition of 'dilute' ........................

Emily Rose

Yes bc it will take a bit longer to feel drunk with a chaser whereas a shot with nothing else in it you will get drunk faster


The "strength" of the alcohol depends on it's dilution. If you drink one shot of half liquor, half water, the alcohol consumed will be half a shot. If you drink the whole mixture, it's the same as drinking one shot.


No. The amount of alcohol is still the same. But you're not likley to drink a gallon of water in the time you'd drink one shot.


omg...really? it takes 2 seconds to drink a shot of vodka and 2 hours to drink a gallon of could you possilbly get as drunk.?>?


I think a shot of straight vodka would affect you differently than a shot mixed with something. The straight shot would hit you faster and burn more. A person who drank 5 straight shots would probably get drunker only slightly faster than someone who took 5 shots mixed with soda. But only slightly


It can make you drunk faster. Alcohol is absorbed slowly in the stomach, but if the amount of liquid is greater, it will move on from the stomach more rapidly, and then it is absorbed super-fast in the intestine If the alcohol is in a fizzy drink it may get pushed down out of your stomach even faster by gas pressure. It's why fizzy lager can make people rowdy compared to flat beer.


I think less drunk. It's not concentrated. More work for your kidney. Please stop anyway. It's bad karma.