How to handle peer pressure when drinking?

I have a friend who I go over to on weekends and we drink sometimes. But when we drink it's always about me drinking more and being equal with him. Like I will take 2 shots of vodka and he will tell me to drink more then I end up taking 5 shots in total. One time he had just bought vodka from the store 750 ml and we drank the whole bottle in one night. And really when I drink on my own time with my own standers I don't get sick I really only get sick when he's getting me to drink more. And he is over weight while I am normal weight but I will try to explain to him that I am smaller than he is so I can't handle as much. He also mocks me for not being able to handle alcohol very well and mocks me for the fact that I drink very little then give up. He will also tell me that he drinks more than me and he doesn't get as sick as I do. How do I handle this type of peer pressure from him and how can I say no more?

Hermit on sabbatical

Your friend is an *** hole. You need more mature friends. My group of friends makes sure that none of us over drink because we care about each other. Drinking alcohol can be very dangerous. I suggest not drinking with people like that that try to push you too far. You can die from alcohol poisoning.


I don't really consider him a friend of yours, what he is doing could seriously hurt your health or worse. He is also controlling and manipulative, is that the type of friend you want?

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

You could grow a pair and learn to say "so what?" or "that is because you're such a fat bastard."

Karen L

Are you sure you want to be friends with a guy like this? Someone who pressures you to do something you have said you don't want to do, and who mocks you because you don't choose to drink as much as he does, is not really a friend in my opinion. If you really like this guy, for reasons that aren't clear, then sit down with him when you guys are not drinking, and tell him you just aren't going to drink with him at all any more because it doesn't work out well for you. Tell him you'll be happy to get together if there's no booze involved. If the peers you spend time with don't work for you any more, go find some different peers.