Is distilled white vinegar the same as distilled malt vinegar?

I need distilled white vinegar according to the web to help disinfect some textiles, however, I am only able to find distilled white malt vinegar and was wondering whether it’s the same thing. Thank you


No it's not. But never use vinegar as a disinfectant, it's not even in the list of disinfectant. Bleach, isopropyl, quarternary disinfectants. Are all good can't beat the price of bleach. Proportioned properly it won't mess with your textiles.


No. Malt vinegar goes on fries. I suppose it might disinfect too. Just get plain white vinegar--sometimes they don't say distilled but they are anyway.


Neither will disinfect anything. There is wine vinegar and there is malt vinegar. Wine vinegar is wine where the alcohol has been transformed to acetic acid. Malt vinegar is brewed from the same kind of ingredients as beer. Of course they aren't the same thing or there wouldn't be two different products.


vinegar of any kind is NOT a disinfectant. It is a bacteria deterrent since it is an acid, but not a disinfectant. You can use bleach in small quantities, follow directions.


white vinegar won't stain or impart the same smell, and as long as the malt vinegar has the correct acidic level no difference for your purposes.


Vinegar isn't going to disinfect textiles.