Longest Alcohol binge or bender you ever went on?

On cops two guys got arrested with a bottle of whiskey half gone and he pulled the one kid aside and side how long have you been drinking? The kid said "a year" then the cop said no like tonight and he said "a year" no no tonight!! "A year". That made me wonder if it could be possible to binge drink all day all night for a year. I'm not talking about the 5-6 beer get a buzz then bed night. I'm talking about drinking until blackout and puking then keep on rallying day after day after day. My brother visited me out in Germany and I took 3 weeks of leave and we both did that going from Oktoberfest festival to the next all day/night with the random 5 hour blackout crash in between days. Never got arrested but had the usual crazy stories that follow suit after drinking that much liquor. Couldn't look at a bottle of booze for two months after that. What's your longest streak?


On a salary of 250k after taxes, I was not-your-so-average-alcoholic. I'd gamble away my weekly paycheck nearly every week. I'd hardly have any savings in the bank at one time. I'd drink around the clock. Whisky was my gig. I drank 1500 milliliters roughly 2 fifths a day (don't ask how I didn't die). I continued this cycle for 10 years, and now in my 13th year sober, that whole decade was a blur. I heard from some people about how I was an obnoxious drunk, and how I'd bring sometimes 30 women over to my hotel at a time.


I don't drink. I stopped drinking 2 months after I turned drinking age, and that was in 1970.