Why are people expected to drink once they turn 21?



They're not, though some segments of society expect people to do so when they reach age 21.


most people use it as an excuse to socialize and seek merriment with friends by celebrating something even if its actually something that is trivial humans. As far as peoples general thinking when they hear someone is turning 21 that they are going to go drinking again refers to human conditioning that this person has an excuse to go out and celebrate and be merry so its more or less boils down to them expecting that a person would do this once they turn 21 because people typically like to have a good time and socialize


Because that's what stupid people do. They drink too much and they can ruin their lives because of it. Don't drink and your life will be much better.

daljack -a girl

I didn't.


I didn't


I guess because most teens start at 21 they think all will drink at 21. I didn't! Im almost 52 and never touched a drop of alcohol


just be strong and ignore peer pressure /....tell em ya like ya money more or Pepsi etc

I Call It Like I See It

Societal conditioning that turning 21 years old is a big deal. It's really not.


It is somehow become a right of passage


i think it's because people tend to label turning 21 as being the legal age to drink. im 26 idc to drink alcohol. i like to smoke and my poison is cannabis. alcohol is cheaper is legal thus why it is most common choice for many