Would you consider someone who drank 3/4 of a 5th of whiskey in a night's drinking to be an excessive drinker? Is that an excessive amount?

To drink in one night, or about average for a drinker? Would you still be coherent after drinking 3/4 of a 5th of whiskey?


they don't make fifths any more

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That is excessive for a single night drinking. Very excessive. Most people would not only not be coherent, they would not be concious. That is NOT something to be proud of.


A fifth of whiskey is 20% of a gallon, or .2 X 128oz. So the volume of whiskey is 25.6 ounces. Seventy five percent of that volume is 19.2 ounces. For a 120 pound female to consume that quantity of alcohol in a four hour period would result in a BAC of 0.41. A level of 0.08 is considered drunk by most states. That level of intoxication could result in death. For a BAC calculator see the site below.