3 Food Questions. Please answer all 3 if you can. 1. Can I cut a potato in half, then bake it so that it comes out as well as a whole?

baked potato would? (soft and creamy on the inside)? How? 2. Can I freeze food that has chopped hard boiled eggs in it, such as a rice /egg dish? I don't know how well hard boiled or cooked scrambled eggs would freeze. 3. For people who live in hot, humid temperatures, have you ever tried or are willing to try this idea below in order to see if it keeps the foods fresher longer, foods that don't do well in the refrigerator (such as breads, potatoes, or tomatoes). Put these foods in an airtight container and then submerge the container in water, making it completely covered with water. Did the foods keep fresh longer? Or describe. Thank you.

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You can bake 1/2 a potato. Just fluff it up with a fork when it's done. The top will be a little crusty, but it will taste fine. Chopped hard boiled eggs will freeze just fine. Keep them as airtight as possible to avoid freezer burn, and use within a month or so. If the food is already in an airtight container, what value is there in submerging the container in water? I would not do it because it wouldn't help preserve the food, and I risk a leak ruining what's in the container.


1 Yes. Why wouldn't it cook the same way? 2 Yes. Once cooked into a dish there's no reason you can't freeze it. 3. No. What would putting a container in water do? (hint: nothing).


1- no because the cut side of the potato is going to dry out from the heat of baking. Better to bake the whole potato and then cut it. 2- freezing won't ruin the eggs but it will somewhat change the texture. You'll just have to try it and see if you like it or not. 3- I don't like in a hot, humid climate so I can't say but I don't believe this would work at all. The water would be warm so the food would still be in a warm humid climate and would get moldy and rotten


(1) The cut potato will not turn out as soft and fluffy, not even if you wrap it in aluminum foil for the baking. Because the skin of the potato holds most of the steam in as it bakes, and it is this steam that makes the potato fluffy. (2) I would not freeze cooked eggs. I’ve tried those frozen egg breakfast sandwiches, and the texture of the egg is awful. Not all foods freeze well. (3) I have no idea. I live in Canada, where a heat wave is when the daily high goes up to 88-F.

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1: yes you can although the cut end will be dried up somewhat. I do that all the time when the potatoes are huge. 2: yes. You can buy frozen frozen cooked eggs in those breakfast sandwiches and tv breakfast dinners. 3: nope and nor would I ever do that.


1) Yes .. with large potatoes I usually do that anyway .. the 'cut surface' sometimes forms a hard crust, but the potato flesh itself is soft. 2) Yes, you can freeze food that has eggs in it, if the egg is chopped up. Yes, you can freeze scrambled eggs but NO, you can't freeze a whole hard boiled egg. 3) If you can't/don't want to use a fridge then anywhere "cool and dark" is good !


1/2 potato will cook just as well as a whole potato just like small potatoes cook as well as large potatoes (except for a time difference). Scrambled eggs will freeze. Look at all of the heat-and-eat frozen sausage, egg, and biscuit products in your grocery store. #3 - I live in a cool climate.