A Chocolate Strawberry Cake LEGIT Hybrid Cake Recipe?

So I've noticed a trend with these recipes either it's a fruit, dump, or poke cake. Or it's a layer cake with some frosting or something between it. The closest I've seen to a legitimate chocolate strawberry cake is the heart surprise and checkerboard cake. So I was doing some research and found cake recipes for strawberry cake using white cake mix and strawberry gelatin. And was thinking I could do that with a dark chocolate cake mix instead. Or better yet make a strawberry cake mix and mix it with a chocolate pudding/gelatin mix. But I was wondering if this would turn out as good as expected has anyone tried something like this? Or tried combining chocolate and strawberry cake mixes into one? If so how did it turn out? Was the cake ruined or did you taste nervana? I am very curious about this because I plan on doing it for a friends Bday here this Sunday. If anyone has any better recipe ideas along the lines of a LEGIT chocolate strawberry cake recipe let me know. Thanks in advance.

Nikki P

Personally I think the flavor of strawberry would get lost within a chocolate cake. Used ad a glaze between layers you would get the burst of flavor that is all strawberry without it being muted by chocolate. The way you might do this is by using freeze dried strawberry that would have a much stronger flavor. Real strawberries either fresh or frozen would possibly lead to soggy pockets within the cake as well unless you puree strawberries and use that as your liquid rather than a stir or add in. I think you would get more flavor of strawberry if you were to do a strawberry cake and swirl chocolate through it very much like a marble cake. Take about 1 cup of your strawberry cake mix and remove that to a small bowl, add either melted chocolate to it or cocoa powder and place about 3 or 4 dollops onto the cake and use a knife to swirl it through the cake. Another option might be to make a "Zebra" cake. 2 flavors. Pour 1 Cup of one flavor into the center of the cake pan. Pour 1 cup of the second flavor right on top of that first cup, pour another cup of the first flavor right over the previous, continue doing that for each pan until you have used all the batter. There are instructions for Zebra Cake in the recipe section of King Arthur Flour. (although the recipe is for a white and chocolate the instructions would be the same for any flavor).


No it won't work. The only way I can see it working is using _freeze dried_ strawberries in a regular chocolate cake mix. Or the chess cake idea with 2 different separately baked cakes -- that will work.