Baking: Which bread flour is similar to gold medal better for bread flour?

I cannot find the gold medal better for bread online. Is there a substitute? Thanks and ten points.


You can use any other brand of bread flour


King Arthur....Central Milling and Giusto are popular choices.) Dakotah Maid.....Bob’s Red Mill., Sir Galahad for the vast majority of home bakers, King Arthur All Purpose is the best flour for making bread.

Nikki P

Any bread flour would work. I more often than not use all purpose flour when making bread and do not notice much of a difference. So if you have all purpose flour you can use that rather than going to buy bread flour. Particularly if you do not make bread often.


Any bread flour will do - King Arthur is highly rated and the addition of vital wheat gluten to AP flour will work too.


I would say Bob's Red Mill Bread Mix which you can find at most grocery stores in the baking aisle

Trivial One

Unless it's some kind a specialty flour (e.g. high-gluten), there is little if any difference among brands. Any brand of bread flour will substitute just fine. Even all-purpose flour would do in a pinch--it's lower-gluten than bread flour so the texture wouldn't be quite the same, but you'd get a perfectly acceptable result.


King Arthur or Bob’s Red Mill.


I personally prefer Dakotah Maid flour over gold medal every time. No need for special bread flour when you us Dakotah Maid.


I haven't noticed any differences between brands of bread flour. I generally use King Arthur brand, but that's because that's all my grocery carries. Bread flour is just all purpose flour with extra protein. You can even make it yourself in a pinch by adding wheat gluten to AP flour. But if you can find a different brand of bread flour it should work just fine.


you can usually use any flour.