Can I make Mac and cheese without milk?

I have cheese, cream cheese and butter. Polar Vortex so preferred not to go to the store.

heart o' gold

Yes, use butter and water.


Do you have any type of broth, or cream of something soups? You could use that.


Just butter be fine. Cream cheese dosent sound to good

Bubba Gubbins

Got any vanilla ice cream?


Never used milk in mac and cheese. Peace.

Karen L

Yes, you can do that. If you need a liquid, use water.


The boxed kind, absolutely.


Yes, though it would be incredibly thick. Make the white sauce with water instead of milk - it'll be a little less rich but maybe add a little more cheese. I am of course assuming you normally make a B├ęchamel sauce with butter, flour and milk, then add cheese to make a cheese sauce. The same method works with water to make a plain white sauce instead.

Nikki P

Counter to what all pasta instructions say.... Cook the pasta in as little water as possible. This will create a thicker starchier base for the sauce. Then add the cheese it should thicken up easily. Also if you happen to have evaporated milk in the cabinet you could use that in place of the milk called for. It will be a bit richer if you use it right from the can, it will be about the same if you do a 50/50 mix of water and evaporated milk. Notice this is evaporated not sweetened condensed milk.


Yes. It doesn't work without cheese, though. Amazon/Walmart/Target offer shipping for packaged items. It's no longer the middle ages of stuck in house unable when there's -45 temps.