How do I reheat a lot of chili?

I have a potluck tomorrow and don t have time tomorrow to make the chili and I have no idea how I can heat it back up in the office. Please help! How do I reheat a lot of chili when i had to make the whole batch tonight that i need tomorrow.

Joe: Option 1

Option 1: Carry it in a slow cooker or crockpot and start it warming as soon as you get to the office. Option 2: You probably have an office microwave that will do a good job, one serving at a time.


crock pot on high. Put it in the pot early, even at home and plug it in. then when you go to the potluck, unplug, wrap a blanket around it and go. when you get to the potluck plug it back, give it a stir and in a couple 3 hours you should be good to go.


Crock pots are cheap.


Does your office have a microwave? If not, heat up the chili at home and put it in a thermos and then bring to the office.


In a "slow cooker", put on high...


Put into pan. Put pan on stove. Turn stove on. Stir occasionally. Wait five or ten minutes. Or, put in microwave safe bowl. Put bowl into microwave. Turn microwave on for 90 seconds to two minutes. If needed, stir once, then put back in microwave for another minute, or so. Or, put in oven safe container. Pre-heat oven on at least 300 degrees (Fahrenheit), for five minutes. Put container into oven. Close oven. Wait ten or 15 minutes. Or, you could just let it sit out on your sink's counter for a few hours, until it is room temperature.


In the oven, or covered in a microwave.