How much dried parsley equals 1/3 cup fresh?



less than half of that because fresh is fluffy and takes up lots of space. Generally parsley amounts are not so set in stone because they do not add a LOT of flavor and generally add visual appeal. Add a little dry and see if you like that and if not, add a bit more.

Barry A

Use about 1/3 of the amount. So in this case, use 1/9 of a cup


It doesn't bloody matter. Two handfuls, chopped.

Todd: The common ratio is 3

The common ratio is 3:1. so it would be a third of the fresh., so a ninth, or third of a third cup, which is easily eyeballed.


With herbs .. Fresh is normally the equivalent of dried on a ratio of 3:1.

Trivial One

About a third, so about a tablespoon and a half.