I have eaten raw cookie dough my whole life no trouble. Recently switched to Amy s cookie dough. Get stomach pain every time this brand. Why?


Nikki P

Why not make your own cookie dough that you can safely eat raw. Make your favorite just omit the eggs. I do suggest, if you eat a lot of raw cookie dough that you microwave the flour as raw flour can also be a source of food borne illness. Some flour has been recalled due to salmonella so it is not just raw eggs that can pose a problem. There are raw cookie doughs on the market, sold in the dairy section of the store that are intended to be eaten raw.


u may be allergic to an ingredient


so,you're ignoring ALL the many warnings about not eating raw dough,now your sick and want sympathy,lol

Richard D

Tell Amy. Maybe she'll give you a free coupon.


Something in this brand that your stomach doesn't like OR some chance IN your body. Our bodies do change over time.


no one here will know,. the ONLY reason to not eat raw cookie do is salmonella possibility from the raw eggs in it. since its brand specific I suggest some other ingredient.


Quit doing it then. The Nestle's cookie dough I buy says NOT to eat it raw.


Who knows. Go back to your old brand.