Question about my cast iron and carbon steel?

Ok I have a question. I have both a cast iron and carbon steel pan. Both of them are well seasoned and something that I have seen is if I use a liquid fat to pan fry in my food sticks but if I use a solid fat like coconut or tallow it doesn't. Whats up with that? Also if I cook steaks in either cast iron or carbon steel both of them release the food easily but i cook bacon or burgers there is a gummy substance that is left behind and it required major scrubbing to get it off any ideas?


bacon and burgers usually have other ingredients where as steaks do not. Solid fats are more "fatty" for lack of a better word. If you want some REAL great frying try real lard.

Nikki P

It does sound like the pans are not seasoned as well as you think. I have started using Flax seed oil to season both my High Carbon Steel as well as the cast iron. (I just bought the same capsules I take daily and 1 capsule will season both the inside and out of the steel, I need 2 for the cast iron) Also you might try a lower heat for both the burger and bacon so the fat can release before the browning starts.


Sounds like they may not be as well seasoned as you think. I'd season them again in the oven with a few more coats of oil. If you are unsure how to do this then YouTube has lots of videos.