What's your best tip for making bread?

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Treat it like it is your baby. Know what the yeast needs and nurture it Also, don't knead TOO vigorously or you tear the gluten strands and your bread will turn out crumbly.


Put steam in your oven and bake them at high heat. That's how you get "crusty" exterior.


Bake bread that is healthy for your body and gut, like sourdough with rye.

CB: Buy a good bread baking book. Example

Buy a good bread baking book. Example: "The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread" a good quick read thermometer and bread baking pans (french bread pan).


Bread maker machine

Richard D

Learn to work with the wet dough method . f you continually rinse your hands, the dough will stop sticking after kneading it a while. . This is as opposed to the dry method, where you dust your hands. I do it the wet method for pizza. It helps bigtime to use a food processor for the first kneading. Then the sticky stage is over with.


Make NO KNEAD Bread.


Not just for bread but for all baking and most cooking in general: Buy a good digital scale and weigh ingredients instead of using volumetrics. A cup of whole wheat flour that I use properly aerated will weigh 120 grams. A cup of the same flour right out of the densely packed grocery store bag can weigh 150 grams. This makes a dough way too dry and stiff that will be too dense to rise properly. Along those same lines, a Tablespoon of Kosher salt will weigh much less than a tablespoon of table salt. Cooking can be creative, but baking is science.