When should I start making my tacos ?

I want them for dinner time 4-5 PM ?


It takes me less than a half hour, start to finish, to make tacos. Brown the meat, tending it occasionally. Preheat oven While meat's browning, chop your tomato, lettuce. Grate cheese. When meat is browned, drain fat. Add seasoning to meat. Cook it to desired consistency, not too watery. While it cooks down, put taco shells on a cookie sheet. Spoon meat into shells and bake for 3 minutes or so. Set table, bring other ingredients to table to pass. Serve hot tacos.


Tacos don't take long to make. The main thing is prep - chopping tomatoes, onions, cilantro, grating cheese, and frying hamburger. Maybe half an hour before dinner?

Question Queen

They're quick & easy to make. 30 minutes or less.


The day before yesterday.....OMG


well if you're going to use store-bought kit you can start at about 3 they shouldn't take more than an hour if you're using a store-bought kit but now if you're going to use fresh tortillas and lettuce that has it been cut and cheese that hasn't been cut the do all of that you better start at around 2 cuz it's going to take a couple hours to do all that if you're not buying the storm aid kit which I do I buy the taco Bell kit with shells and the seasoning and you come up with really good tasting tacos that way