Accidentally cooked and ate silicon preservative packet?

I know I sound so super dumb explaining this but I got a stove top popcorn coooker for Christmas with Kernel s, seasoning, oil, and everything. I was excited to try it so I dump the necessary ingredients into the pot (not noticing the silicon packet...) And cooked it up and ate most of it before reaching the bottom. And seeing a bunch of black little balls at the bottom and then spotting the melted preservative packet with the standard DO NOT EAT written all around it... Basically I m woundering if I m gonna be okay... Most other threads about similar events never discussed what would happen if the packet melted into the food item or in this case popcorn. But most say it safe to eat silicon but what about the packet itself... Cuz I definitely ate some of that too... I did just want to share this crazy story with you and I m hoping that I ll be fine. Looking forward to some feedback!

Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc

You'll be fine. They wouldn't sell it in food if it wasn't safe to eat, because they're banking on people screwing up every now and then. Just don't make a habit of it.