Birthday party ideas for a 12-year old?


Salt and Peppy

Laser tag. Roller skating or ice skating. Movies and popcorn and a sleep over. Or, all of the above.


A venue that has bowling, video games, pizza/hamburgers, etc. You can get group rates and it includes the cake, food, games.


A small party at home with a few friends supervised by the parents

Blue nose

Try a bouncey castle in the afternoon after some tea


Movies (let the guests vote on two or three they would like), then house party after for a couple of hours-pizza, cake, bowls of candy, buttered popcorn, chips, and pretzels. Finish off with chocolate covered ice cream cones. Have some games to play with prizes for winners. Small Treat bags to take home.


video games go to an arcade video games and let him stay up all night drinken soda I think im gonna be a horrible parent one day or I just gonna spoil my children hehehehehehe

tony: Slumber Parties

Slumber Parties: fill the party room with pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs, and stuffed animals. Decorate the space with twinkling lights and scatter balloons all over. Treat your little guests to a lavish spa makeover with this great party theme. Camping Party: you can set up a huge tent in your backyard. For the food, you can have hotdogs, hamburgers, and roasted marshmallows. The boys can tell each other campfire ghost stories and play the usual campfire games. For the party favors, you can tie up a mini flashlight, a glow stick, and a little ziptop bag of gorp in a bandanna. Believe me, whether held indoors or outdoors, this campfire party is a surefire .................................Neon Party ..Projector, Popcorn, and pizzas,,,,,,,,,,,bonfire and photobooth,,,,,Hot dogs Corn on the cob Kebabs Jiffy-pop popcorn Marshmallows S’mores Donuts Baked potatoes... of 10 Glow Stick Scavenger Hunt Just before it gets dark, activate and hide several colors of glow sticks around the party space. Divide players into as many teams as you have colors, and assign a color to each team. Give each team member one of their colored glow bracelets to begin. When it gets dark, set a timer and send them off to gather as many of their color of glow sticks as they can find. When time is up, count how many glow sticks each team collected. The one with the most wins.


is it a boy or a girl?