Can I pull off a hotel/motel party?

My 17th birthday is tomorrow and I want to have a last minute kickback at a hotel. I'm not gonna have alcohol or loud music, but is it too risky? I'm inviting like 15 people max so hopefully only 10 will show? Most of why friends drink so I don't want it to bee too boring without alcohol and no loud music, so what can I do to make it more fun, especially since it's sooo last minute. Thanks! P.S. I already have an adult to rent the room for me! :))


i’m turning 17 soon as well, i try to find a hotel with a pool, make it a little more fun, you guys don’t have to drink you can just chill and bring stuff to do, like cards against humanity is always a great option for parties, order a pizza and just live it up


You guys could do something legal smoke salvia. I would suggest caffeine cocktails. Me and my friends would make them when I was underage. We would mix redline energy drinks with craft cocktail ingredients. You could see if any of your friends has a hookah they can bring over. Group games cards against humanity, apples to apples, jenga ect. Bring a game console and hook it to the TV for movies, group game sessions, and music with graphics. Maybe get some crayons, colored pencils and paper so your friends can make a group card to remember the event... I hope you have a great birthday.


You can't rent a motel room at your age so you need to think of a different location.


no one is going to rent a hotel room to a group of minors, so no you can't pull it off.