Can someone help me plan my Sweet 16?!?!?

My sweet 16 is in just over two months (March 31), and I don’t know what to do. I kind of want to have a big party, but I really don’t have very many friends, so would a party of mostly family be fun? Or would a weekend trip to like an indoor water park be fun? I was also thinking maybe a hotel party, but I don’t know what people really do at those. So, could anyone help me plan the best affordable 16th birthday in a short period of time??


An indoor water park is a great idea. They usually have great packages for groups.


The things you list aren't what I would call "affordable". You'd need to ask your parents what you can do- but think smaller. You could have a better time with just your *real* friends, never mind the rest of the people you're thinking of inviting. You could go do something adventurous- a rope challenge course, or rafting, or kayaking or something sophisticated- go all dressed up to a fancy restaurant, or to a concert, or to a museum. You might also consider doing something for others. Form a team and do a benefit bicycle ride or walk. There are kids who have done that, and they were awesome. Gather donations in honor of your birthday, and donate your time and energy knowing it will help someone who needs it. There are so many ways to have fun. It's up to you.