Having a new years potluck at work?

So I am terrible at these kind of things for work. I am working on new years day and the staff at my office want to hold a potluck and each person has been assigned to bring food. So normally what happens is we end up with too much food and some peoples items don't even get touched. I got assigned dessert, what are some good ideas for an office of about 10?


a small amount of cupcakes or a small pan of brownies


Just buy cake. Either one large one cut up or small cup cakes. They can be put in a tin and eaten the next day if not all are eaten on the day.


Gingerbread cake, Lemon & cranberry scones, Mini fruit / jello pots, Mince pies, Yule log, fruit kebabs, Snickerdoodles, Rice krispy bars, Stollen, Pannatone, Thumbprint cookies, Sherry trifle, Pecan pie.


Try of cookie. You are there to work. I'd keep it simple.


cup cakes is a plus...brownies..cheesecake ,krisy cream donuts [chocolate glaze,yummy..gingerbread.. Brownie Mocha Trifle,,banana pudding..red velvet.Pecan Pie Bars...coconut macaroon cookies ..pound cake