Wanted to do limo and dinner, maybe shopping at the mall or a movie; then to a hotel afterwards. I don’t really have any friends (maybe 2?), so I’m struggling to come up with a guest list. Anyone without “close” friends manage a party? Or should I just come up with something else?


1. If you are planning a hotel room, then you and your 2 friends are plenty. Hotels tend to frown upon excessive noise. There is a slim chance they will rent a room to 6 or 8 teenage girls. Keep that in mind. 2. I have found, over the years, that I have the most fun when there are fewer people around. I have 2 best friends, and when we get together, we drink, and tell stories from "back in the day," and giggle, and scream, and have a blast. But I don't let loose like that when there are more people around. I'm not as comfortable. Invite your 2 friends, and I guarantee you will have fun. You can have a few drinks (if you are old enough), buy some snacks, play cards or board games, paint your nails, try on your new clothes, etc.

Amin Abazarsa

Don't bother other hotel residents


Do you even have the money? Limo rental isn't cheap.

Nikki P

How old are you? Chances are unless you are the age of majority (21 in the USA) you would not be able to get a hotel room on your own. (sleazy by the hour hotels do not count) Find some other way to party. If it is just a few people a movie and dinner sounds good.


No friends, but want to have a party ? Maybe put up billboards advertising free beer and weed. Might get some takers