What are some fun things to have at a party?

I am planning on throwing a massive birthday party, already have ideas for a chocolate fountain, photo booth, Dj, what are some other cool/fun things to have? Maybe an ice sculpture? What else do you think would make it an awesome party or be fun? A candy station? Lmk! Thank you!


Pin the tail on the donkey, a pinata, tag, water balloon fight, hookers, etc


Taco bar and an ice cream bar.


Build your own pizza bar, with assorted toppings?


I don't know the age of the party goers. But what about a scavenger hunt. A pool party. A pajama party. Costume Party. Dressing all in red or pink party. A unique wig party.




I've always felt that enjoying time with my fine guests was the primary focus of having a party. I give them good food and beverages and let the rest of it take care of itself. When I go to a party I go because I want to see the people who will be there. I couldn't give two shiits about a chocolate fountain. You sound like you have some insecurity issues.