Do Canadians like nachos?

Have they ever tried them? I understand there aren't too many Mexicans up in Canada (not nearly as many as Asians and Indians). But when Canadians go to a local Mexican restaurant or travel to the American Southwest, do they like the taste of nachos? I don't stereotype, I know Canadians dont all eat bacon and maple syrup. Lol

Jeff H

Nachos are everywhere and quite popular in all parts of Canada.


They sell nachos in supermarkets.

Rona Lachat

How else would you want to celebrate Canada Day?


yes, they know what nachos are and eat it.


That's nacho business!! (Eh?)

Blue nose

You'd better ask a Canadian


All Canadians know what nachos are, they're a popular food here. They sell them in a lot of diners/pubs and also in movie theatres.


Some of them do


You'll find Mexican restaurants around the world - very popular in the UK for example, where there are not a huge amount of Mexicans


My husband likes them, I'm not a fan of them. We're Canadian. I like maple syrup but I don't eat bacon.

John P

Some do.


Sure. Virtually every bar has them as snack food, as do a great many restaurants. Grocery stores sell the ingredients, so, people make them at home. I've done that myself! They are actually pretty popular in Canada.




No, it is illegal to make nachos in Canada