How many non Indians make fry bread"?

Ours isn't sweet, unless we sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it. Fry bread is pretty well known all through ndn country. We all make it, and ndn tacos. I'm from the mountains in calif, and I go to powwows all over the country. We all make the fry bread. I had a Mohawk contact from New York, and an Annishanaabee contact from Canada, and they make it too. Most of us put the cooled left overs, if there are any leftovers into plastic bags to keep it fresh. Fry bread is not the same thing as a tortilla. I'm sure Mexicans make something like it though


I used to make it. But I grew up in Arizona. At the state fair - the vendors selling fry bread had lines a hundred people long! Of course there are many similar foods all around the world, but I doubt Indian fry bread is super well known outside of the American southwest. It should be though!!


Lots of people. They might not call it that name, but virtually every culture on earth has a recipe for a slightly sweet, fried flat bread.


I just don't remember the name of it, but our Italian cousins made pretty much the same thing for us all, in Italy, for during a soccer match on TV. I've eaten quite a lot of Indian fry bread and this was pretty much identical.


my mother made something similar for years and years.I am 66 years old. Every time she made bread dough, she would fry some of it and we would dip it into runny chokecherry jam. Most ethnic groups have something similar.


Lots of people can make fry bread


Grew up with it. My Irish grandmother and then my dad would make it on Saturday nights. We would eat it with Vermont real maple syrup.


Millions, it's a staple in Mexican food.