I been recently throwing up some meals like pizza, Chinese food, what’s wrong with me ?



Go see your doctor. We are not doctors and don't know how to diagnose.


There’s a huge number of potential causes for that. But maybe your body is telling you to eat real food and stop shoving crap down your neck. If you want a better answer then see your doctor for a proper medical examination, and until then avoid the types of food which cause you to vomit.


If you can't handle fat or spice then you might get an upset stomach or acid reflux. If you are throwing up you are sick.


you should post barfing questions in the health category, not ethnic cuisine. No one knows why you are puking up certain foods. If I were you I would stop eating them.


You are pregnant.

Big Mike



Go see a doctor.

Gerry G

I would discuss that with your health care provider if I were you.


your body does not like what your head is giving it.


Maybe you have coeliac disease or irritable bowel syndrome. Get yourself tested by a doctor.


If we are talking about frozen prepared junk food maybe it is your growing consciousness that it is unhealthy. If this is decent quality food, then my second guess is you are eating TOO MUCH. Could be symptom of an ulcer.


Could be the grease or oil upsetting your stomach. If it's most meals, you may have a stomach bug.


Back off from spicy foods. Eat lighter things such as fruit and yogurt. If you're still getting sick, go in for a physical. You could have gastritis or some other infection.