There is Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Greek, and many more varieties of food that originated in different counties. What about American food?

What kind of food is classified as American food? Because I thought us Americans ate it all?


Soul Food, is one and comes from our mothers. Hot dogs and Phily Chese Stake is another. Tex-Mex and Mexican are possibly the most American foods served at large. Texas Bar-B-Q is another by name, but could just as well be called Tennessee Bar-B-Q, just not California Bar-B-Q which gets a bit confused in its outcome.


we do eat it all. The original American foods would be what Native Americans eat. This is true of all countries though. ANY country that has or had lots of immigrants has a wide and varied menu that is normal for them.


Deer, buffalo, and corn are about the only ones I can think of right nowl

Anonymous: "Big shuprise tonight, Horny

"Big shuprise tonight, Horny: American hot dog frankfurter sandwich!"


If you mean originating from, the Native American styles of food. But after so much people coming into the nation, we're now a potpourri of cuisine, so much so that we even mix ethnic styles in one dish called fusion style


Chicken Fried Rice

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We're a melting pot. Areas were settled sometimes by nationality, or ethnicity. I'm from New Orleans and we've got it all, except bbq. Ok, there are a couple bbq restaurants popping up, but man we've got everything else covered.


There are American variations of ethnic foods like burritos, chili cheese fries, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes but most all food originated outside of America.


America is the whole continent. Again, you must me the U.S.A. and by that means you mean popcorn?