What is America's "weird" delicacy food?

In some countries it's frogs legs, in others it's bull testicles, in others fermented fish, so what's Americas?


As a Brit, I think America's love of processed, artificial cheese on nearly everything is weird and a little bit disgusting. Sorry, but its just nasty. No-one else in the civilised world thinks it is either necessary or desirable to put orange plastic cheese anywhere but the nearest waste bin.


Well, there are delicacies by region. Hawaii has poi, which tastes like spoiled wallpaper paste, Texas has bull testicles (called "calf fries"), several southern states barbecue everything you can imagine, New England has boiled dinners with turnips and ham hocks, Louisiana has fried alligator, and the list goes on and on. It depends on what is available, and what area of the country you're in. There is not just one "weird" food.


Hersheys chocolate - over sweet and grainy


Chicken fried steak? Chicken and waffles? I've NEVER understood that one. LOL! Even though these are American dishes, their origins can be traced to European roots. Most Americans have immigrant ancestry. ETA: "ALL Americans except Native Americans have immigrant ancestry." Not true. Some American citizens with Native American heritage have immigrant ancestry too. There is the United States of America which is a sovereign nation. There are also the American regions of North America, Central America, South America... As I said, "most" Americans have immigrant ancestry and it's a fact.


bull testicles are eaten here as well, often called calf fries or Rocky Mountain oysters. Pickled fish is also eaten here. You have to keep in mind that no matter what other countries eat, we probably have it here too because our population is from all over the world and those folks bring their national delicacies and food traditions with them.

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It varies by region but my vote goes to raw oysters


pizza and meatballs on a stick


Lots or regional dishes. I'm quite partial to soft shelled crabs in a bun myself but some people freak out at the legs handing down the side.


Chitterlings is America's Weird Delicacy Food, hope this helped! 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮


McDonald,s the /big mac.


I managed a club in Oklahoma, and the most requested hors d'oeuvre was turkey fries, battered, deep fried turkey gonads.


fast food


Fried pickles

SSP Bowl Dude

Deep fried Twinkies


IDK if we have one


Root Beer seems to be a universally unappealing food item for most of the world - normal for us but they don't get why we'd drink it


I'm not American but I think biscuits and gravy sounds weird.



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Philly cheese steaks - not very weird, but they sure are good. Cheesy grits and shrimp - also good, not too weird. Some weird food here include: pickled pigs feet, pickled chickens feet, Scrapple (a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal), and road-kill stew in some areas. That's good eatin'.