What's wrong with eating dogs and cats?

I'm not Asian also. I'm a black person, from the USA. and I'm a free thinking, person who doesn't shape my culture, around peer pressure, or irrationality. there is no rational reason to be against eating dogs, therefore it is okay to eat dogs.


It's all a culture thing , I didnt notice how hypocritical it was until after I became vegetarian/plant based and saw all animals as the same because they are all the same. In some Cultures cows are pets and not to be eatin and in others it's a norm. It probably all taste similar too. Also religion has to do with it as well. The west was a judeo-christian society and dogs and cats arent kosher so are seen as clean animals to eat . Asians didnt have this so they ate all kinds of animals . While the middle east also followed there share of animal eating laws. Pork became popular in the west because people didnt find a use for the animal like that did with dogs other than killing it. The parts were useful and the meat preserved for a longer time.


Most Americans have a problem with eating horse meat, too. We don't eat our pets. Different cultures, that is one cannot accept. I like to think we have risen above that.


do they have grocery stores where you live?


You are right. It's based on emotion. Aside from vegetarians/vegans, most of us have no problems with eating cows and chickens because we usually have no emotional connection with them. A lot of us do have that with cats and dogs however. I for one love cats. Dogs a bit less. So let's say there would be a disaster of apocalyptic proportions, and everything comes down to basic survival, even then if I had the option to either eat a cat or a dog, I would likely go for dog first. That's how it works. Personal preferences, based on emotions. It can be ugly. But we can't deny it.


I think of cats & dogs as pets. In parts of Italy, horse & donkey meat is popular: I ate donkey meat there, but I would have a problem eating horse meat


They are domesticated animals. Most Americans especially would have a bug problem with it. I would personally never eat either, but understand it depends on culture


worms..... there are some intestinal worms that just dont cook out at high temperatures... you could get a whole host of intestinal parasites that would be really hard to get rid of... and most cats and dogs that these people sell for meat arent the best of the breeds either, they are caught street animals.. probably filled with worms


I agree with you


Many in the USA consider the dogs and/or cats they own as family members.


It is problematic eating carnivores. If you notice the animals we typically eat, eat vegetables. (except pigs) As you eat higher up the food chain, toxins that animals get from eating other animals bioaccumulate. You can see evidence of this in large fish- tuna is a large fish that has a lot of mercury in it. Sardines have a lot less. As you eat tuna, the mercury is put in your body, and stays there. Also carnivore meat doesnt taste very good, for similar reasons.


Not in the USA.


nothing wrong with it. There are cultures that eat them. Fact is every animal has at one time or another been served as food for either man or carnivorous animals.


That's nice. Apparently you don't see a problem. Why should anyone care? Your conclusion that junk food causes diabetes was far more interesting.


Caution must be used in eating any animal that dines on meat. Dogs need fed rice the week before butchering them. They can if not cooked right make you sick. But as they say, Dig deep. Puppy in bottom.


I would start with dog liver being poisonous, too much vitamin A


In Leviticus chapter 11 God says do not eat animals that walk on paws because it is an unclean meat. It is based on religion with me.


They are our FRIENDS, not our FOOD!