Why is it I don't like kale but do like seasoned greens?


Richard D

I'll tell you why exactly. It is because "seasoned greens" does not exist as a vegetable. It sounds like a seasoned product. If kale was prepared the same then you might like it. Besides, Kale is passe now. The newest and best health trend is breakfast salads. LoL. I still eat kale, haven't gotten breakfast salad together yet.


Kale was introduced in my life some 70 years ago, but what passes as kale today is mature kale leaves which are usually bitter. I don;t know anyone who really likes bitter food. Kale should be eaten when the leaves are young and tender, but then that is how greens should be eaten.


Kale is a green. Cook it the same way you make your seasoned greens and you'll like it. Actually - on the greens scale of bitterness - which is usually what people object to - kale is not particularly bitter at all.