Can energy drinks make chest congestion worse?


heart o' gold

Possibly. I suggest no energy drinks while you are sick. Typical energy drinks contain stimulants and sugar which can deplete your bodies resources while it is trying to fight off whatever is making you sick. For chest or sinus congestion I use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother. You can get this in any grocery store with the other vinegars. I will try to get a tablespoon or two into my body two or three times a day when I am sick. “The mother” is the fermenting agent in the vinegar. You will see it as a brownish cloudy material that settles to the bottom of the bottle. I shake the bottle before I pour the vinegar. You can shoot it straight (feels like tequila going down) or mix it with water, hot water and honey, sparkling water, whatever. You can use it in a salad dressing or over sautéed veges, however you like to get it into your body. When I’m sick, I mix it with hot water and honey and drink it like tea. The mother will slightly change your bodies ph and start to break up congestion within an hour. I’m not saying it will totally break it up all at once, it is more subtle than western medicine. When I am very congested I will take the vinegar, then in 45 minutes or so take a hot shower and breath deeply of the steam - this helps to clear up congestion as well. Usually I will start to feel better pretty quickly and within a few days of taking the vinegar and steam showers things are cleared up.


No, drink goes down to your stomach, kidneys and bladder.


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