I wanted Propel but my Grandma bought me Bug Juice instead. How do I explain to her that I want Propel?



Thanks for the Propel, Grandma. In the future, may I have Bug Juice instead?

SSP Bowl Dude

Get it yourself.


Either go with Grandma to get the things you want, or go get them yourself. Here's a thought, when you have certain things you want and are expecting others to get them for you, print out a lust, INCLUDING pictures of those items. At most grocery stores, you can order things ahead of time, they will be paid for and bagged up, waiting for pick up or they can be delivered. If others get you the wrong item, it's normally because you have too much information or not enough. Like "Get me XYZ it's with the flavored waters, like ABC and BUG JUICE." rather than, if you don't see XYZ, call me and I can give you my other choices, based on what you see there. But don't be that ungrateful brat that whines about it.