Is it better to drink soda's or sweetened tea if there is a choice between the two?

Just curious as to your thoughts on this one.

Weasel McWeasel

Personally, I'd grab a soda, before a sweetened tea.........but that's just me.


You're better off drinking tea than something with an apostrophe in it when it's a plural.


I'm thinking that it is six on one hand, half a dozen on the other. They are both junk.


Sweetened tea

heart o' gold

The tea. But I’d rather have unsweetened.


If drinking either it's probably for caffeine, which is more common with soda.

Common Sense

Sweetened tea is better for you than soda. Even though soda and sweetened tea both contain sugar, sweetened tea can be relatively sweet with little amounts of sugar. Soda contains chemicals and believe it or not, about 10 to 16 teaspoons full of sugar. One would never put that much sugar in their tea.


The sweetened tea has sugar in it, but the soda has sugar AND it rots your teeth, etches holes in your stomach, and leaches Calcium out of your bones. If you can find a tea that you can drink WITHOUT sugar, that is best. Some of the herbal teas are very tasty without sweetening.


sweetened tea. Soda has many other ingredients and the carbonation alone bothers some peoples stomachs.


Sweet tea has has far less chemicals so thats healthier.