Why does it seem like ground coffee from the store tastes better than the whole bean coffee they sell at the store?

I dont understand this because for some reason every time I make whole bean coffee and grind it myself it tastes worse and more bitter than Maxwell house or folgers, my two favorite brands. Why is this? I know whole bean coffee is supposed to taste better. Could it be my grinder or how I'm grinding it? Thanks.


you know there are different kinds of coffee beans right? lots of different kinds


It depends on the blend of beans you are using. Each type of coffee bean, each way of drying and treating it, produces different tastes.


Unless you are buying the same beans that Maxwell House and Folgers are using - of course it will taste different. Not only the beans, but the roast, (those are pretty light roasts) and definitely the grinding... Do you have a burr grinder? If not - it's going to be hard to get a good, even grind that will taste right every time. Of course - if you like the ground coffee - why not use it??


I don't like café coffee. I just like what I make at home with my instant coffee