Why does starbucks coffee never taste the same brewed at home?

In an attempt to save money I've tried brewing starbucks brand coffee at home as opposed to paying $5 for a cup everyday. But it never tastes as good as the coffee they serve me. Is this a marketing ploy?


maybe they have better coffee making machines


Where do you live? Plain coffee at Starbucks is not $5 a cup! My first suggestion is to use more grounds than you are currently using.


They probably have a secret ingredient


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No it's because they jack it up with sugar and heavy cream.


I wouldn't want to replicate it at home. Starbucks coffee is horrible, except for the coffee drinks- lattes and mochas. They're the best! Peets does a better cup of coffee, but their mochas are awful.

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Starbucks coffee is awful! Just buy real coffee.