Why Starbucks Frappuccino is so expensive?



The syrup adds to the cost. But also the machines they need to make specially ground ice costs a hefty amount. The high quality and high-tech machines they need to brew coffee so it stays fresh, is very hot when brewed, and tastes a good quality also cost a good amount, let alone the electricity used and the power consumption in some of these big machines. The dairy is also another factor, for dairy isn't cheap. This is probably the biggest one because a gallon of milk in many places is like 4 dollars. This is gone pretty fast when it gets busy at a shop. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it should be priced that much. But that is why it is priced that much. Is it a good reason? No. But is it a reason? Yes. If you want good coffee, have breakfast with coffee at a local diner. Having it in the morning will ensure it is more fresh because they brew more coffee more often. Hope this helped. Max

Aly Prakhar

Because they tasty af lol


It's a store that sells beverages. There are quite a few people working there and they keep the place up pretty well. They have decent pay and benefits. They have to have high prices to do this. People are willing to pay those prices so it all seems to work out well. If you don't want to pay those prices, go someplace that does not rely on beverages for the majority of their income.


Because it's not good for you and makes you fat


look where your buying it from


because mr. warbucks knows everyone will pay for it..


Because people are prepared to pay that price.