Would you mind if your significant other wanted to be completely sober all the time, not even caffeine?



My SO does live completely sober all the time, and I don't mind that at all.


I would only mind if he became one of those tossers who goes on and on about it all the time and thinks everyone who doesn't do the same is wrong.


No - why would I? Why would anyone mind? It wouldn't have any effect on me, would it?


I wouldn't care.


fine by me

Blue nose

I'd prefer that


I've dated people who were completely sober. Prior to this I didn't think I'd have a problem with it, but then I realized it does bug me. I feel like I can't enjoy the relationship as much. I go to caf├ęs daily, my friends and I drink at dinner parties, I like to go to fancy bars to try new cocktails. When I date someone who drinks (alcohol or caffeine) there's more things to enjoy together.


I am single but I'd be kind of sad if I had a wife that didn't drink coffee since I love coffee so much and it has literally saved my life in mental aspects (prevented me from depression, increased good social skills, helped my mood swings, and prevented suicidal thoughts). I know that it releases dopamine, a happy chemical in the brain, and I see how happy it makes people and how it brings people together and calms people down. This is the type of bond I want often with my future wife. Hope this helped. Max

The Lord Humungus.

It isn't all "free designated driver." Sober and non sober people don't mix well, mos of the time the sober one turns into a shrew about it, because they see all time the other person spends drinking or high as "private time" rather than together time. So the drinker starts to spend less time with the sober person.

Pearl L

that wouldnt bother nne at all


I AM completely sober all the time. Alcohol doesn't like me at all, so I have learned how to relax, have fun, and be happy without alcohol. My SO turned out to be an alcoholic (I have a degree in psychology, so I know how to properly diagnose this). I WISH he had been completely sober. He's my ex now. btw, caffeine is not an intoxicant or mind-altering substance. Why did you include it?