Are store bought corn tortillas supposed to be warmed, or can they be eaten room temp? Also, is it ok to eat them with tuna?



Corn tortillas can be warmed or eaten at room temperature. Yes, it is okay to eat corn tortillas with tuna


They can be eaten at room temperature. Sure, you can eat them with tuna, but I feel the flavors wouldn't complement each other.


You can eat them either warm or room temperature. Yes, you can stuff them with tuna salad! I like mine with melted cheese and salsa.

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They should be warmed to soften and cook them a little, if you try to use them as is they will crack and break. You can eat them with whatever you like. I once did peanut butter and jelly quesadillas.


You can eat them at room temp but I usually nuke em In the microwave first. Yes tuna is fine. you can eat them with anything. Also I like heating them In frying pan


Yes , yes and yes ☺️


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