How can I convince my parents that food can go bad if in the fridge/freezer?

I am sick again after my stepdad made a roast that has been left in the fridge for 2 weeks. I have gotten sick on multiple occasions because of this. They seem to think that if food is frozen or refrigerated it cannot go rancid. I have asked them multiple times to throw out old food and they respond with " You know there was a guy who ate 3 year old venison and he didn t get sick." I am sick of getting sick and missing school. It s gotten to the point where I try to avoid home cooked meals and eat frozen pizzas for dinner. Unfortunately I couldn t miss this meal as my stepdad made it and probably would have grounded me if I refused.


It won’t go bad in the freezer


Show them Ur ? on Yahoo Answers!


Food WILL NOT spoil in the freezer, it is impossible Most prepared food is good for 2 weeks if refrigerated Why are you the only one getting sick? How do you treat yourself when you get sick?


it doesn't spoil in the freezer but will eventually spoil in the fridge. Spoilage bacteria rarely makes anyone sick and that's all it would be. Since you live there and if you see roast beef in the fridge for 2 weeks and it shows up on the dinner table why are you eating it?? OR if you are smart enough to know food eventually spoils in the fridge, why not help with the cooking and try to use up the left overs so they don't get a chance to spoil. Lots of great things can be made with that left over roast beef...soup, sliced roast beef sandwiches, chipped beef on toast or over noodles, etc. EDIT: Captain Matticus makes a good point..why ARE you the only one getting sick? If the food was dangerous, you all would get sick, not just you. Could it be that you have a very vivid imagination?

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How is it possible that you're the only one getting sick? They eat the food, too, don't they?


Wellll my parents do it...................well go on Gordon Ramsay show or something there be some proof there


take pics of mold. research it on the net and show them.


You consult your local health department and having provide you written materials on that subject

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when the compressed gas in used in the freezer , when the gas leek the health problem will accrue


Gather proof


Keep some food for a time long enough in the fridge and show it to your patents after it became bad.

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contact children,s protective service.

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You can always check the dates of the food in the freezer. In addition, food has frost on it, that shows that its no longer any good. However, you may have a food allergy. You should visit your doctor and get tested for it.


cooked meat can last a few days in the fridge but longer if in the freezer. down load information from the internet and show your relatives


You can tell him that if is in the fridge longer than a week then it needs to go in the trash.


That’s not safe... Can you put a sticker with the date the food was prepared on foods? Like at the grocery store? So you at least know to not eat it.


You cant really convince about put up with it?


Whether they are mentally ill, or are just clueless, THEY ARE ABUSING YOU. TELL A TRUSTED ADULT ASAP. I would start with a counselor or nurse at your school. Or your friends parents or relatives. SOMEONE NEEDS TO CALL THE POLICE. For both your and their welfare. You need to move into a place that wont make you sick. Or have you miss school. You need to Move Immediately. PS.... Food poisoning can kill people. MOVE TODAY if POSSIBLE.