What U.S. grocery store sells egg nog year round?



None. Eggnog is usually sold only during the month of December


Not that I know of, however it is easy enough to make. Often home made eggnog is better than store bought.

Jerry S



Yep. None is right. Which is why I buy it at Christmas and freeze it to make eggnog cafe lattes year round!

SSP Bowl Dude

None unless you can find it in shelf stable packaging. Dairies only make it in November and December. There are recipes online to make it anytime.


none that I have ever seen. No store sells fruit cake, stollen or other holiday treats year around either. You can make it homemade easy enough. google a recipe and have at it.


Eggnog is a seasonal item that comes out at Thankgiving and stays for Christmas.

SumDude: my guess

my guess: nobody, because nobody makes it because demand is low (except around Christmas). The good news is - you can make your own.