Is it bad if i’m vegan and wear leather jazz dance shoes that i’ve had for a few years?

I’ve had the jazz shoes for a while and i’ve been looking for vegan jazz shoes but it’s really difficult to find good ones


no. for me i wear my shoes until they fall apart. you spent the money on them already why not use them? throwing them out would be wasteful

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No, as the animal that the leather came from have long ago passed on and would be a waste not to use the shoes


I think it's ok to keep the things from your life before you were vegan. Otherwise destroying them is an even bigger waste.


Let's just say there is no rule book, no vegan police, and no one will pull your genuine vegan card for non-conformance.


Let's just say there is no rule book, no vegan police, and no one will pull your genuine vegan card for non-conformance.


The animal that was harvested for your shoes is dead and gone. Abandoning those shoes will not make a current or future difference. It's what you do now forward that will make a difference. Your going back and making changes will not effect the well being of the animal kingdom.


I don't think so. Right there in the definition of vegan, it uses the words "practical and possible". if its impossible to buy vegan shoes or if they are so expensive you can't afford them (impractical), then you are still vegan if you buy leather dance shoes. And certainly its ok to use anything that you bought before you turned vegan. Not using them doesn't help anyone.


Hiya, Veganism is not a cult, you can do it in whatever way you wish. I imagine they are your only leather shoes, right? So by having only 1 pair you are reducing the demand slightly - that’s what veganism is all about. I have been vegan for almost 6 years but for the first 2 or so I may have still had wool in my clothes or missed “honey” in ingredients lists and consumed the product. I’m sure you’ll find an alternative version eventually, but for now thanks for being vegan - every little helps :)


No. It would just be wasteful to throw them away. Use them till they need replaced. Sometimes you must compromise. If you need a specific item of clothing for a sport or hobby etc, it may not always be possible to be totally vegan with the clothing/equipment you require for it. If there is a vegan alternative fair enough but if not then not much you can do.

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Only you can decided how far to take your dedication to being vegan. NO ONE else has a say in it.


Not really