Poll:Are you vegan and organic vegetarian?

What's the difference between vegan and Organic & vegetarian...Are you any of them? What are things you eat?

Donnie Porko

Neither. I like a big fat juicy steak once in a while. Sushi here and there. Poke if I want to be healthy. Vegan: no animal products whatsoever so no milk, eggs, cheese, honey. Vegetarian: no meat but non-living animal products are ok so they eat eggs, cheese, milk.

Does Not Play Well With Others

Healthy omnivore

amy lynn

Typically, a vegetarian will still eat some products that are made from animals as long as the animal didn't actually die to produce the item - for example - dairy products - the cow doesn't die to give milk. Vegan has even stricter diet restrictions than vegetarian. A vegan will not eat anything that came from any part of a living animal. Organic simply means that the produce was grown using all natural methods with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides used on the plants while growing them and no preservatives added to the produce after being picked. Even meat can be produced as "organic" if the animal is raised on an organic diet and not given chemical injections. I am none of the above. I don't care if something is "organic" or not. That is just a bunch of hype since it is nearly impossible to guarantee truly organic produce and meat in a world that has been over polluted for decades. I eat a balance of meat, vegetables, dairy, and grains because that is what our bodies were designed to digest.


fish beef pork chicken lam


Vegetarians do not eat meat .. or anything that meant that an animal had to die .. so that includes things with Gelatin or Rennet in them. Vegans do not eat any animal product at all .. so that also includes things like milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, cream, eggs and even honey, as well. Organic means that whatever you are eating did not involve the use of any chemicals to produce it .. so that could include meat ! So Vegetarian, Vegans and "Meat eaters" can all be Organic.

heart o' gold

I am none of the above, although I do eat vegan, vegetarian and organic food. I also eat most meats. I try to eat organic as much as possible but am not a purist.


Eating organic makes no difference what so ever. SInce its not regulated they can and do very toxic fertlziers, plant hormones, herbsicdes and the like. They HAVE to since hte pests and weeds would take over and all thier crops would die or be eaten Begain vegan saves nothing. Millions of gallons of water is wasted on the plants vegans eat, millions of animlas are killed so vegans can eat plants, there is very little nutration in plants, almonds that vegans love are causing massive droughts and envormental damag but vegans don't care


1. I don't know the difference between them. 2. I am not either. 3. I eat the things I like to eat and allow others to choose what they like to eat.


Vegetarians eat no animal flesh. Vegan eats no animal products .. no meat, no eggs, no dairy/cheese, etc. Organic means that no manmade fertilizers were added to the soil, and sometimes also that no pesticides were used on the plants. This has nothing to do with WHAT someone eats. I do not eat vegan nor vegetarian, although about 1/3 of my suppers are vegetarian (beans and rice, etc). I don't buy organic foods. You pay a lot more but how do you KNOW they are really organic. I used to grow most of my own vegetables and those I KNEW were organic. But I don't notice any health different now that I buy regular supermarket produce that isn't organic.

Pearl L

no, i do eat nneat but inn not the one that goes out killing thenn


Vegan means you don't eat animal products of any kind... so no meat, fish, eggs, milk, butter, dairy products, cheese, honey. Vegetarians just don't eat meat of any kind, so you can have milk, butter, cheese, honey, dairy products, and honey.