Vegans: question for you.?

Long time strict vegetarian here, not full on vegan but I very much care about animals. This morning I am thinking about used wool and leather, silk etc. If bought new, it contributes to the cruel exploitation, so that's a no go. But what is your stance on second hand items like from thrift stores such as salvation army, etc? When you think about it, buying it used does not give any money to the animal industry but actually gives to local people on need. The animal was already killed and used to make the product which someone then took that item and gave it away even though there is still use in it. Isn't it disrespectful to the animal and nature to let something like that go to waste? It is worse to kill and waste than to kill and use... So it seems, is is a kinder act to use the thrown out products, not to let them go to wastre. Better for nature and the animal that was sacrificed. Thoughts? :)


My thoughts are you have already justified it to yourself so do what you please. You are right, using it will not bring back the animal that its made from. AND in fact, wool isn't gotten from dead animals: Sheep are sheared on a regular basis to get the wool. None die.


If you buy your eggs and meat from a small local farmer who practices humane treatment and slaughtering, you are NOT contributing to animal cruelty. These animals live a good and happy life until the time they die .. and every animal (us included) has to die sometime. Hopefully WE can die as easily as those animals who are slaughtered humanely.


Wool and silk don't come from dead animals moron


I wouldn't wear 2nd hand leather because it's still an animals skin & if it was me who was killed and skinned I wouldn't want somebody waltzing about in it because it's disrespectful, I'd rather be buried. It also promotes the use of leather when people see you wearing a leather brand that they think is cruel. Second hand wool probably isn't as big of a deal but I find wool itchy anyway so I wouldn't choose to wear it even if it grew from a tree.

love_earth22: Daisy

Daisy:No it's not the same. Buying meat directly from the store directly contributes to their slaughterers. Buying used clothing or whatever does not directly contribute. The contribution was made when that item was bought directly the first time. Used things that would be thrown away if not purchased wastes what the animal sacrificed. You're not very smart. Read my first paragraph over again


It's debatable. I have seen vegans argue from both sides. Me, personally. I wouldn't go looking for second-hand animal products on purpose. And if found some by accident I would still have to think twice about buying it. But I wouldn't hold it against you if you did.


I'd rather not touch dead animal parts.

Daisy: Following your train of thought

Following your train of thought: I don't kill a cow or chicken. It's already dead when I buy it at the supermarket. Isn't it more respectful to eat it than let it go to waste? A vegan is not supposed to use any animal products. Period. The end. If you wear fur, leather, etc, you are not vegan. Let someone else buy second hand wool coats.