Anyone ever lost their swimsuit at a water park?

Was on a wave rider surf machine one time. You lay on your stomach while holding a mini board. You can do rolls and tricks. Well during a roll my swim trunks came completely off. Everyone def saw my naked butt. Problem is, I had to retrieve my shorts at the top of the wave pool. And it's almost impossible to put wet trunks on while sitting. So I had to stand up, giving everyone there a quick show. Thankfully the one female lifeguard running it ran over and held the board up in front of me. I saw her peek a few times. But she had seen all anyway. So has anyone else lost a suit like this and been seen naked by other guests? It has to be a common occurrence I'd assume. Was def embarrassing since I was only 15 when it happened.


The ones I went to in Spain you could go topless so no I've never lost my swimsuit in one.


nah. funny *** story tho