Can you take the bus to six flags?



No you take the train

ANDRE L: That would depend on two things

That would depend on two things: One, where you are coming from, and two, which Six Flags you wish to visit. Without knowing both specifics, no one can even guess at an answer.

Raspberry Popsicle

From where? Need to know where from to answer.


Depends on how far yo live, you might have to take at least a couple of buses to get to Six Flags, that is something that you should really look into.


If it is in a major city

Dark Alchemist

Probably, depending on how far away you live from a six flags amusement park. I'd also study the bus routes.

Jerry S

from where.


If you're vising, and are staying @ a motel, they may offer a ride service. The Holiday Inn offered this when I was in Orlando & going to Disney World.