How should I get over this thing I have with rollercoasters?

I'm going to an amusement park for a dance and I'm actually pretty nervous yet excited at the same time...I always get scared before I go on rollercoasters like it will be dangerous or something I know it will be fun once I'm on it and going but stillllllllll I don't wanna worry....what should I do? >.<


I have a fear of roller coasters as well, but I always end up loving them while it’s happening! Even though I had so much fun, I get nervous before getting on another. I just have to get in line with friends where I can’t back out. I also try to start with coasters that seem less scary. For instance, i like when my feet dangle, or when the seats turn up like you’re flying. I love loops, but I hate drops. I try to find coasters that have more twists and turns than drops. After I get comfortable, I get brave enough to get into lines for more intimidating coasters. However, there’s nothing wrong with not likeing them, and there’s always plenty of rides that aren’t roller coasters. Don’t feel pressured! It took me several trips to amusement parks before even thinking about riding a roller coaster, and I still had a blast!


If you do not want to ride it, don't do it. No one likes to be covered in barf, as it happens.


What your feeling is completely normal.