I love amusement park rides, the bigger and higher the rides the better but i hate the farris wheel, i panic, why? Anyone explain please...?



It may be because it all happens slower, which allows more time to feel anxious rather than a roller coaster ride


me too. I think its because rollercoasters are fun and you can scream and raise your hands while moving around going really fast. You dont really have time to panic if youre having fun even when youre scared of heights, as long as you scream. If you dont scream then you will just sit there frozen and scared. Screaming is the trick. On the other hand, a ferris-wheel is so slow and i dont wanna say boring but it can be a drag and if you dont like heights much then you'd better get your puke bag ready because you will be up there without almost nothing to distract you from seeing how high you are. Ofcourse if you're riding it with your lovey-dovey then it wont be as boring since you're both just sucking each others faces til the ride is over