Is it safe to ride on an open vehicle safari?



Probably safer than getting on the interstate & driving @ 75 mph. I've never heard of them losing any tourists. Forty thousand die on American high-ways every year.


If you mean in areas where lions and other man eaters are then apparently yes open vehicles are safe as many animals don't see a person sitting in a vehicle but rather see you and the vehicle as one being and too big for them to bring down. Things like elephants and rhinoceros being bigger animals may attack the vehicle itself as they see it as something they can take on and possibly destroy, but they have to feel threatened before they generally will do that. Park tour guides know when it is getting unsafe and will generally drive off before there is any real danger to the tourists.


It's safe as long as you don't mind BEING ON THE MENU.

Crystal G

Well probably not. Lets think about this. Are we in Africa? That's not really a safe place to be. Are we close to a city? If something were to happen is help coming? EMT, Police? Is the vehicle well maintained? Getting stranded out in the bush doesn't sound very safe. Wild animals in the area don't sound safe. AN OPEN VEHICAL? An open vehicle with wild animal capable of entering? Not safe. Animals that DO actually touch or climb in the vehicle NOT SAFE. It is fun? YES. These are wild animals so when ever they choose they can leap 15 feet in the air and rip out your throat on the top of the vehicle. NOW would I go on a safari? YES.




Not many people have died, but not many people have went