Is uno (card game) a strategic game? In the sense that it takes tactics and skills to win?


Weasel McWeasel

it takes both a certain amount of skill to play your cards correctly, but also what cards you get dealt is pure luck. I mean, if I am dealt 7 cards and 4 of them are Draw Fours.........I'm going to win that matter what my other 3 cards are.


It does take skill to be good at it, but sometimes you do get dealt sh!tty hands or really lucky hands. So you can obviously lose or win whether you got skill or not.


It's what I like to describe as an activity rather than a game, because it takes so little skill. In the original rules you at least kept score so you had to balance getting rid of the high point cards and trying to guess what color you will be able to end with. It also made it a lot easier to end the game because everybody only had low point cards at the end of the game and number matching was easier. Still, there are games out there that give so much more depth in strategy while still being easy to play.


no it is random and instinctual to the level of competition. If you know your opponents well you can lead them to your last card color - or you can play into their hands. Pure luck of the cards.


to an extent I suppose